The Farm

Len bought the farm in 1987 after it had been abandoned for many years.  It consisted of two farm houses and the barn which were all in major disrepair.  Len knew he would renovate both of the houses but was not sure what could be done with the barn.  After he completed the first house, he renovated the second, which is affectionately known as “the little house.”  Len rented both houses out, and realized at that point he would have to live in the barn!

 Little House

So began a “works in progress,” and what you see below is very different from what you see today.

The Barn, Before

The Barn, Before

Len and Diane now occupy the barn on a full-time basis.  There are apartments, an antique shop, hidden passageways, horse stables, and who knows what the future may bring.

What makes the barn particularly unique are the two stained glass windows at both gable ends of the barn.  Len discovered them at a salvage yard in northern Vermont.  They had come from a church that was demolished in Utica, New York.

Stained Glass Stained Glass - Outside

Below are some pictures of our other occupants.

Peaches & Attaboy

Attaboy & Peaches  Attaboy & Peaches

Left: Diane, with Attaboy;  Right: Rocky our loyal farm dog

Attaboy  Rocky, our mascot and loyal farm dog