Antique Barn History…

Lenny bought the property in 1987. It had been abandoned for many years and what you see today is very different from what he purchased. The farm consists of two houses and the barn. As Lenny frequently states, he knew he would refurbish the houses as rentals but had no idea what he would do with the barn. 25 years later, we live in the upstairs of the barn, have the antique shop in the two middle floors and the horses lives in the lower level (we refer to it as their downstairs bedrooms!). We rent out the two houses. The barn was raised in 1899 with the help of 75 men. A newspaper clipping from that time states, “Mr. Wheeler will have the largest barn in town by all odds and probably the largest in the county this side of Brattleboro.” Mr. Wheeler’s plan was to go into the business of raising lambs and, “he bought 200 first-class sheep for a starter”.
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As far as we know, we are the largest barn in Windham County and very proud of it! This is a property with a rich past and it has touched our hearts since we’ve moved here.